Once upon a sunday..

Probably the slowest, longest, most laid back, and laziest sunday of all, a visionary young man was chilling in his room after a long week spent on the road. He didn’t have much to do that day so he decided to clean up his room. While tidying his closet, he then noticed that clothing company nowadays lacks of a good iconic concept. So while licking his ice cream he began to think, “why dont I make one?”. Combining the main elements of that day, Sunday Sunday was born! Chilling, Ice cream licking on a perfect day, getting all lazy before another busy days start, all of those inspired the young man who also brought you the Jakarta based pop punk band, Pee Wee Gaskins. He then teamed up with his girlfriend who happens to be in the entertainment business as well, finalizing the ingredients that eventually became one big whole ice cream on cotton formula.

Armed with heads full of ideas, unstoppable passion and actions, supportive friends and fans, solid team work and professional work ethics, the company was built from scratch from the get-go and running up large.

Started the online store full force on the first day of October 2011, the homegrown indie clothing company sold out its first season in less than a couple of weeks! Orders has been placed from all over Indonesia’s cities, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Australia, and Japan! All items are made limited and once an item sold out there will be no re-stocks!

In short, Sunday Sunday is ice cream on cotton. Have an ice day!

Start fresh and stay fresh! Look good, do good!

Dochi Sadega
Founder, Co-Owner, Creative Director

Dinda Kanya
Co-Founder, Co-Owner, Second-in-command